D&D Starter Set Part 1 Session 1

Welcome to Part 1 of the D&D Starter set.

I’m Joe and I’ll be the Dungeon Master while we learn the new D&D system.  I chose to use the D&D Starter Set to show how a group might run the new edition of the Dungeons and Dragons system.  Listening to how we play the Starter Set may help with ideas for other play groups.

We begin with character introductions from  Mike, Kurt, JJ, and Mickie

Enjoy the podcast!


Adventures From The Shed – About Us

Welcome to our first Sidebar Podcast!  In this episode we talk about ourselves and our past experiences.  This podcast was created to share more information about each of us; Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Mike, and Joe.

You can find more information about us at our website on the About Us page.  Thanks for joining us!

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