D&D Starter Set Part 2 Session 5

AFTS Cast:  Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Mike, Joe

Join Bree, Ferrus, Thor, and Sir Moss as they determine the fate of the prisoners and delve deeper into the Redbrand Hideout!  Enjoy the podcast!

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D&D Starter Set Part 2 Session 4

AFTS Cast:  Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Mike and Joe

We join our intrepid heroes after a short rest in the storage room of the Redbrand Ruffians hideout.  They continue their exploration of the hideout after a brief recap.  Enjoy The podcast!

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Sidebar Podcast 3 – Character Background and Back Story

In this episode Kurt, Mike, and Joe talk about character creation; specifically focusing on background and backstory for characters.  We talk about their importance and what part they play in our games.

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D&D Starter Set Part 2 Session 3

Join Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Mike, and Joe as we continue our Adventure Podcasts!

Welcome to Part 2 Session 3 of the D&D Starter Set Adventure Podcast!  Let’s move on with the Redbrand Greg’s interrogation and learn the identity of that metagamed monster!  Maybe we can learn even more about the Redbrands!  

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