Sidebar Podcast 3 – Character Background and Back Story

In this episode Kurt, Mike, and Joe talk about character creation; specifically focusing on background and backstory for characters.  We talk about their importance and what part they play in our games.

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D&D Starter Set Part 2 Session 3

Join Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Mike, and Joe as we continue our Adventure Podcasts!

Welcome to Part 2 Session 3 of the D&D Starter Set Adventure Podcast!  Let’s move on with the Redbrand Greg’s interrogation and learn the identity of that metagamed monster!  Maybe we can learn even more about the Redbrands!  

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D&D Starter Set Part 2 Session 2

Join Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Mike, and Joe for another Adventure Podcast!  Welcome to Part 2 Session 2 of the D&D Starter Set Adventure Podcast!  We continue with our party arriving at the Phandalin Miners Exchange seeking information about the gang of Redbrand Ruffians.  Enjoy the podcast!

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D&D Starter Set Part 2 Session 1

Welcome to Part 2 Session 1 of the D&D Starter Set Adventure Podcast!  We begin this episode with each of our players giving a brief description of their character leveling up to 2nd level!

AFTS Cast:  Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Mike, and Joe.

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What Does it Mean to You to Be a GM?

Welcome to our second Sidebar podcast!  In this episode we talk about what it means to us to be a Game Master or Dungeon Master.  We know there is still more to be said, so share your comments here or at our Google Community!

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*7 Oct 2014 – Updated the podcast with improved audio.  Sorry about the poor audio the first time.  This was a tough original and it was harder to clean up.  The next ones are going back to the original sound.

D&D Starter Set Part 1 Session 3

Welcome back to the D&D Starter Set, Part 1 Session 3.

In Session 2 our adventurers found their way to the Cragmaw Hideout and inadvertently ascended into Klarg’s room.  I’m Joe, along with Mike, Kurt, JJ and Mickie, we’ll see how they handle that bugbear, his big wolf, and his goblin guards as we get through Part 1.  Sir Moss, Thor, Ferrus, and Bree are poised and ready!


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