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Hi, and thanks for joining us for Adventures From The Shed – A Tabletop RPG Podcast!  We’re a group of people in our 20s, 30s, and 40s who wanted to get together and record our gaming sessions.

Our Core Group of players are Mickie, JJ, Joe (me), Britanny, and Kurt.

We’ll be bringing you Adventure Podcasts, where you join us in our tabletop gaming session and travel along while we explore medieval fantasy worlds, vast stretches of space in sci-fi, and other genres of roleplaying games.

We’ll also bring you Sidebar Podcasts, where we’ll talk about what we like in RPGs both as players and game masters.  These Sidebar Podcasts won’t include actual game play, but we expect to use them as a way to review the Adventure Podcasts and talk about what went right or what went wrong in our adventures.  We hope that type of podcast will benefit you when thinking about your own gaming adventures.

You can listen to our About Us Sidebar Podcast by checking out this post:  About Us Sidebar Podcast


You can email us at adventuresfromtheshed@gmail.com

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