AFTS DW-Alamand 18 – A Hostile Takeover

AFTS Cast: Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Brit, and Joe

Welcome back to the Shed as we continue our Dungeon World campaign, set in the world of Alamand.  The pirates are coming.  The heroes are deputized.  Only one side can win the conflict.  Let’s see how our party handles it.  Enjoy the podcast!


AFTS Plays Tavern Tales – To The Top of Dragon Mountain

AFTS Cast: Bridget, Mickie, JJ, and Joe

Welcome back to part 2 of an impromptu recording session at Adventures From The Shed, in which we play the Tavern Tales RPG. MHI, Inc. continues the adventure to find out what’s up with that angry dragon.  Enjoy the podcast!

Make sure you check out Tavern Tales online at and see if the Kickstarter campaign is still running, so you can help contribute!

AFTS Plays Tavern Tales – Getting Started

AFTS Cast: Bridget, Mickie, JJ, and Joe

Welcome to a special episode of Adventures From The Shed!  Joe here to introduce this first of a 3 part series where we play the Tavern Tales RPG!  I gathered together Mickie, JJ, Bridget, and myself to huddle around a microphone for an impromptu session to help support Tavern Tales on Kickstarter.  Dabney Bailey, the creator of Tavern Tales, reached out to us to see if we would be interested in playing his RPG on our podcast.  After looking over the rules (and being a sucker for worthy Kickstarter campaigns), I agreed to do it!

Both Dabney and the Tavern Tales community on reddit provided quick reference material and pregenerated characters for our podcast play test.  A big thanks to them all for their efforts in helping us dive head first into Tavern Tales.  Without further delay, here’s the official introduction and our play session of Tavern Tales on Adventures From The Shed!  Enjoy the podcast!
Tavern Tales is a fantasy-themed RPG that emphasizes customization, cinematics, and creative freedom. The game was built from the ground up to let you play what you want, how you want. Have you ever wanted to play as a fire-breathing dragon? What about a necromancer with the army of the undead? Tavern Tales lets you play these and more — if you can imagine it, you can build it. You can download the free rules at the official website, If it looks interesting, you can back the kickstarter at

AFTS DW-Alamand 17 – Dungeon World and Pirates Revenge

AFTS Cast: Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Brit, and Joe

Sit down with us in the Shed as we recap our Alamand campaign and switch our system from D&D to Dungeon World.  Listen in as we talk about how the characters were adapted from one system to the other.  Enjoy the podcast!


AFTS DnD-Alamand 16 – Nesolis, Protected

AFTS Cast: Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Brit, and Joe

Welcome to another Dungeons and Dragons adventure episode in the world of Alamand!  Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Brit, and Joe continue on the journey to the secret grove of the ancient Druid in order to save Nesolis from imminent doom.  Enjoy the podcast!

AFTS DnD-Alamand 15 – Nesolis, Shadow Demons, and Wobbly Bits

AFTS Cast: Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Brit, and Joe

Join us in the shed as we begin our first adventure podcast episode of 2016!  Pull up your old, reliable folding chair and listen in as we join Nesolis, Kalam’Te, Truk, and Aleyna outside Wynte Stronghold as Nesolis reads the tome from Nikko.  Enjoy the podcast!

AFTS – Sidebar 12 – Partners in Gaming

AFTS Cast: Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Brit, Joe, and Special Guests Bridget and Ronnie

Welcome to a special sidebar from our AFTS cast.  In this episode we explored gaming with our SO and the challenges we face when only one partner games.  Our special guest Ronnie, Britanny’s beau, also chimed in with his opinions.  Enjoy the podcast.