AFTS 2015 Halloween Episode

AFTS Cast: Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Brit, and Joe

Hello Adventures From The Shed audio podcast listener!  Joe here with some information about this 2015 Halloween Episode.  Myself and the rest of the AFTS cast wanted to do something special for this Halloween, so I came up with a game and story for the episode.  This podcast is made for video, and I chose to also release the episode in audio-only format so you may participate using only your ears.  That said, you’re really missing out on the fun if you don’t follow the link in the description to our YouTube video of this podcast.  Because some of the episode focuses on what is happening on-screen, you will experience several short periods of silence with background music in the audio-only release.  We had a lot of fun making this Halloween episode, and we now invite you to Enjoy the podcast!

AFTS DnD-Alamand 6 – Truk, Petrified

AFTS Cast: Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Brit, and Joe

Grab your chair at our gaming table in the shed as we join the party approaching Tijon; Truk’s hometown.  Night is quickly approaching and the town is facing certain peril if our heroes don’t step it up!  Enjoy the podcast!

AFTS DnD-Alamand 5 – Truk, Unconscious

AFTS Cast: Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Brit, and Joe

We’re on the edges of our seats in the shed as we re-join the combat at the edge of the road to Tijon.  Truk was scouting ahead when caught in the ambush.  The rest of the group now rushes forward to join him.  Enjoy the podcast!

AFTS Dnd-Alamand 4 – Level 3 and Truk’s Connection

AFTS Cast: Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Brit, and Joe

Welcome to the shed!  Make yourself comfortable as we recap the aftermath of the bard’s demise and talk about our character advancement to level three.  We continue by exploring Truk’s connection to the dark one.  Enjoy the podcast!

AFTS DnD-Alamand 3 – Loot The Body

AFTS Cast: Mickie, JJ, Kurt, Britanny, Joe, and Special Guest Kevin

There’s just enough room at the gaming table in the shed for you to join us for part 3 of our Dungeons and Dragons campaign, set in the world of Alamand.  Listen in as Havok and Aleyna confront the stranger at the hovel.  Enjoy the podcast!