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AFTS Reviews Edara, A Steampunk Renaissance

AFTS Cast: Mickie, JJ, Kurt, and Joe

Welcome to a special podcast of Adventures From The Shed!  We got together recently to play a tabletop RPG named Edara, A Steampunk Renaissance.  If you haven’t listened to the actual play episodes yet, I encourage you to visit us at or find us on iTunes to experience the fun we had while playing.  In this podcast, Mickie, JJ, Kurt, and Joe give our impressions and a short review of Edara, based on our actual day of playing.  Let’s start by hearing the opening introduction from the Edara core book.  Enjoy the podcast!

We Finish The D&D Starter Set – Release Later Today

Hello AFTS Listeners!

Later today, we release the end of the D&D Starter Set!  We will also include a bonus episode of the Starter Set in Review.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the conclusion, and I hope our review of the actual play sessions provides entertainment and information that can help you in your own play sessions of the D&D Starter Set.

Next week will see the third part in the tactical encounter series, with guest DM; JJ.

After that, we begin our Dungeon World campaign!  Stay Tuned!